Canon Mobile Printing App for iPhone and iPad

Mobile Solutions


  • The Canon Mobile Printing app auto-detects Canon devices over a wireless network and upon discovery makes them available for use. If the auto-detect feature does not discover a Canon device, a user has the option to manually enter the IP or DNS Name of the Canon device so it can be utilized.
  • In addition to allowing users to print, the app also allows users to take advantage of those Canon devices that have mailboxes. Instead of sending the print job to output, the user can Store the print job in a Canon device mailbox (for those Canon devices that support mailboxes)
  • Furthermore, the app provides a built in web browser, where the user can enter a web address or take advantage of a Google Search functionality to view websites, store favorites, and print web pages
  • Allows users to select up to 20 photographs at one time for print
  • Provides powerful integration with the OpenIn Functionality which provides users to open their documents for preview prior to printing
  • Provides users access to advanced finishing features, such as:
    • Select number of copies
    • Select pages to print (all, range of pages, or one page)
    • Select stapling (if it is supported by the Canon device)
    • Select page size (Letter, Legal, or 11x17)
    • Select paper tray (Auto or bypass tray)
    • Select color mode (black & white, or color)
    • Select 1 sided or 2 sided printing
    • Select 2-in-1 printing (print two pages on one sheet of paper)
  • Ability to access a wide variety of other apps and print files from those apps (provided they are supported file formats) via the OpenIn functionality
  • Provides Cloud Conversion for Microsoft Office files
  • Provides enlarged Print Preview with ability to delete unwanted pages
  • Provides User Manual available within app
  • Provides Auto selection in Color Mode
  • Includes 2-in-1 page layout setting (print two pages on one sheet of paper) in Print Settings
  • Allows users to register up to 10 printer devices for easy access to commonly used print device
  • Includes registered device list with the device status (Ready, Warning, Error, or Disconnect) and the device name
  • Provides users to save device(s) to Registered Device List in auto and manual searches
  • Print Output Port can be changed at the Printer Property setting screen to either 515 (LPR) or 9100 (RAW)
  • Print Output to Mailbox # setting value is stored and remembered (previously was not remembered)
  • Enter department IDs and passwords from the app to print with multi-function devices and printers that use the Department ID Management function.
  • Set document name and security PIN with Secure Print as well as display or not display confirmation screen upon print job execution.
  • Execute print job with 0mm margin by switching on the Minimize Margins and Print feature.
  • PDF direct printing is available for PDF document with printer device that is PDF direct compatible.