imageWARE Enterprise Management Console

Network Device Security and Management


  • Centralized Device Management:
    Detects and stores information about networked printers such as location of the device, IP Address, Device Name, etc. It can be set up to discover devices across multiple subnets at regular intervals through automated tasks, using the SNMP protocol and Multicast device discovery.
  • Device Settings Delivery/Retrieval:
    imageWARE Enterprise Management Console allows for the retrieval and delivery of device settings such as IP Address, device location, system manager, and DNS Server. It also provides the ability to reboot a single device or a group of devices.
  • Additional Functionality Using Plug-ins:
    New functionality will constantly be added to the core of imageWARE Enterprise Management Console in the form of plug-ins. Currently Available Plug-ins.

    • Address Book Management Plug-in: This plug-in offers centralized management of corporate address books. Using this plug-in, an IT administrator can retrieve an address book from an imageRUNNER device and deliver to multiple imageRUNNER devices. Creating and modifying address books for deployment is also supported.
    • Printer Driver Management Plug-in: This plug-in allows an IT administrator to remotely install/uninstall and update printers' drivers on user workstations.
    • Meter Capture Plug-in: This plug-in allows the retrieval of device counter information.
    • Resource Management Plug-in: This plug-in allows font and color profile management on the imageRUNNER devices.
    • Accounting Management Plug-in: This plug-in tracks all document output and recovers lost revenue by providing comprehensive reports.
    • Access Management Plug-in: This plug-in allows setup of users' access rights on a feature-by feature basis on your imageRUNNER device.
    • The energy consumption calculation is based on assumed conditions. The actual energy consumption will vary (be different from the calculation results) depending on the various conditions such as room temperature, the job pattern, product configuration (accessories) and machine settings (sleep mode etc.).
  • View Real Time Device Status:
    Allows an IT administrator to view real time device status from a single portal. E-mail alerts can also be setup for various device errors.
  • Task Based:
    imageWARE Enterprise Management Console allows task to be created and scheduled to run at specified intervals for easier management (e.g.: Retrieve meters every month on 1st at 3:00 PM).
  • Scalable:
    Multiple imageWARE Enterprise Management Console servers can be installed in different geographical locations to reduce network bandwidth requirements. An IT administrator can retrieve the device list from another iWEMC server using XML Web Services and manage the list without accessing the other server.
  • Notifying Users:
    Allows sending of notices to other IT administrators about device status. You can exchange messages with individuals or every connected user to inform them about changes to the printing environment or device configuration.
  • Error Logs:
    imageWARE Enterprise Management Console stores error history on the monitored devices. Logs can be exported as CSV files for further analysis.
  • Advanced Filters:
    Built-in "Express" filters allow an IT Admin to quickly find device specific information. Custom filters can also be created (E.g.: All devices that have "Send & Staple" functionality).
  • Logical Grouping:
    imageWARE Enterprise Management Console allows for simple and logical grouping for efficient device management (e.g.: New York or Location2 , Floor2).