imageWARE Remote

Network Device Security and Management


Solution Scenario: Dealerships hear it all the time: "I didn't even know there was a problem with the printer". That's the sound of a happy customer who's receiving the benefits of proactive service. To the customer utilizing imageWARE Remote, the device is always available, extra toner is always in stock, and the new employees never even heard of "meter collection".

imageWARE Remote makes this possible by doing all the hard work in the background. Meters are delivered automatically from the device to the dealer. The device will automatically reach out and notify the dealership through imageWARE Remote's error notification system whenever service is required and a technician is needed. Toner can be tracked and thresholds can be set to alert the dealer to ship more toner.

With imageWARE Remote, you can be relieved of everyday hassles and let the device "take care of itself".