iWEMC Accounting Management Plug-In

Output Management and Cost Control


  • Track copy/print/scan/fax usage by devices/users/departments:
    With native integration with Canon devices, all output is tracked without the need of any additional hardware or software. For 3rd party devices, tracking print jobs is easy using the Accounting Management client module (bundled with plug-in software).
  • Analyze department/device workload:
    Accounting Management Plug-in provides detailed analytical reporting on how and what features of devices are being utilized by a certain user or department.
  • Analyze device usage costs:
    Accurate cost per page can be calculated based on pre-determined printing cost.
  • Restrict output (print and copy jobs):
    Accounting Management Plug-in makes it easy to restrict copy or print jobs if necessary.
  • Distinguish between color and black-and-white print/copy jobs:
    Due to the native integration with Canon devices, Accounting Management Plug-in can easily differentiate between Color and B/W output.
  • Charge back function for per project billing (billing Codes):
    Accounting Management Plug-in is bundled with a MEAP application that allows a user to input billing codes or project codes for client charge back. Using the client module, user can also input billing codes or project codes from a PC when printing. Billing codes are available in a 3 tiered hierarchy.