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Pharos Systems is a recognized industry leader in providing output cost management and cost-recovery solutions to both higher education and office environments. With over a decade of experience of helping customers track, measure, and control their assets to reduce waste, optimize performance, guide the purchase of new investments, and make the most of existing ones. As a result, over a thousand customers in 23 countries are currently benefiting from optimized document output environments, and are experiencing significant revenue savings. Canon U.S.A. and Pharos have partnered together to create an embedded solution for cost recovery in higher education and office environments. The Pharos iMFP for Canon harnesses the power of Pharos Uniprint and Off-the-Glass directly from the touch-screen of a MEAP-enabled Canon imageRUNNER. Higher education and office customers can utilize the iMFP for Canon to provide IDcard authentication, user-level job accounting, departmental chargeback, secure release here, color printing control, and student pay-for-print and copy.



  • Single User Interface (UI): A large, easy to-use, LCD, touch-screen panel provides a single operator interface for print and copy, Secure Release Here, and other job accounting functions.
  • Enhanced Color Printing Control and Management: Empowers universities to roll out color printing across their campuses with control features designed to limit both the groups allowed to print in color and the applications from which users can generate color printing jobs. Users are also given cost information about their print jobs, encouraging them to make responsible choices.
  • Integrated ID Card Devices: Magnetic stripe ID card devices offer integrated authentication and accounting by user ID and department or budget center code. (Customized ID card integration is available from Pharos Professional Services.)
  • Secure Release Here: Secure Release Here technology allows users to securely print documents from anywhere on campus, and then pick up their print jobs at the iMFP that's most convenient for them. And documents remain confidential because they are only released from the iMFP when users are physically present to authenticate themselves and pick them up.
  • Cost Notification: Modifies user behavior to reduce printing waste and control costs. Client pop-ups notify users how much their printing jobs will cost prior to actually releasing the job to the printer, making responsible printing easy.
  • Reports: Uniprint provides a large library of standard reports, and integration with Crystal Reports enables customers to easily create their own.
  • User-Level Accounting: Uniprint accurately accounts for and prices print and copy jobs by attribute, device, and volume, and provides detailed information while minimizing the processing time and delay to users.
  • Easy Enterprise Integration: Integrates easily into your system by connecting to external data sources, such as authentication services and other back-office systems.
  • Strong Security: Uses 128-bit Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) security to ensure that sensitive data remains confidential.
  • Scripting: Enables easy modification of most aspects of operation, from customized messages to sophisticated integration and control.
  • Enhanced Budgetary Control: You'll know exactly what's printed and copied and what it costs, which allows you to make fact based decisions regarding print output.
  • Minimal Floor Space Required: Provides a streamlined footprint that integrates the functionality of six separate devices into one.



To create an Integrated MFP requires the following elements:

  • iMFP for Canon (MEAP application)
  • Pharos Uniprint Software
  • Pharos Off-the-Glass Software
  • Server
  • ID Card Reader (Magnetic or Proximity) (optional)
  • Canon imageRUNNER device with MEAP technology (see below)


List of Supported Devices:

  • iR 2270
  • iR 2870
  • iR 3570
  • iR 4570
  • iR 5570
  • iR 6570
  • iR C3170
  • iR C5870
  • iR C2880
  • iR C3380
  • iR C4080
  • iR C4580
  • iR C5180
  • iR 8070
  • iR 8570/85+
  • iR 7086
  • iR 7086B
  • iR 9070
  • iR 7086N
  • iR 7095
  • iR 7095P
  • iR 105+
  • iR 7105
  • iR 7105B