Supplies - Environmental

Environmentally Conscious Materials
1. Eliminate hazardous substances  
Canon toner products satisfy the RoHS Directive in the European Union (EU), even though toner products are out of scope in the RoHS Directive. This indicates that Canon copier toner and packages eliminate hazardous substances (for example: Lead, Cadmium, Mercury, Hexavalent Chromium, PBBs, & PBDEs). In fact, Canon copier output is free of these hazardous substances.
2. Reduce plastic material volume  
Canon designs toner bottles in order to reduce plastic material. This contributes an average of 16% less weight (per copy) than 1995.
3. Reuse plastic chip in the production process  
Canon reuses plastic chips which are generated in the production processes and test procedures, which decreases the amount of waste.