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Vivid Toner (V Toner)
Canon Technology V Toner Canon applies the technologies developed with "V toner" to "pQ toner" and achieves further improvements for Light Production and office machine. In combination with a new development engine, image-processing technique and electrophotographic process, "pQ toner" contributes to truly balanced color reproduction as well as consistent image quality, high productivity, energy-save and compact design for light production and office machines.
Gloss Uniformity & Optimization

Pure Quality Toner, which has a dispersed wax structure, achieves oil-less fusing.

Wide Color Gamut

Adopts a new resin formula for improving fusing and gloss performance, which contributes to energy-save fusing and high productivity

Color Stability
Sharp text and clear graphics can be achieved due to pQ toner's improved surface, which improves the transfer performance.