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Green Business at Ultra Speed
Environmental sustainability has been a defining philosophy at Océ for more than 50 years. Today, the company remains committed to reducing ozone, dust and toner emissions, minimizing waste and improving working conditions for operators.

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Focal Point Waste
  Minimizing incorrect and unnecessary prints
  • Eco friendly single pass duplex printing
  • Paper Logic eleminates errors and unnecessary reprints
  • User friendly and intuitive operation keeps mistakes and waste to a minimum
Focal Point Energy
  Minimizing energy consumption
  • Power consumption up to 40% lower than comparable printers
  • Lower cooling and air conditioning requirements and no need for air filters or ventilation results in lower investment and operating costs
Focal Point Emissions
  Minimizing emissions of ozone, toner, dust and noise
  • Virtually no ozone emissions
  • Lowest noise level in its class
  • No developer or silicon fuser oil
  • No toner waste and no need for toner waste bottle
  • Solvent free toner
Focal POint Recycling
  Maximizing material re-use and minimizing no reusable waste
  • Designed for reuse and recycling
  • Accomodates use of many recycled paper types