Color Digital Presses

Details imagePRESS C800/C700

The imagePRESS C800 Color Digital Press series rounds out Canon's Color Cut-Sheet production portfolio, offering an array of new features to enhance the quality, productivity and versatility offered by the imagePRESS series. The imagePRESS C800/C700 can print various media types at up to 80ppm/70ppm, all while having a small and scalable footprint.

Details imagePRESS C7011VPS/C6011VPS/C6011S

Canon's imagePRESS C7011VP series becomes enhanced and more efficient when combined with Canon's exclusive PRISMAsync controller option. The imagePRESS C7011VPS/C6011VPS/C6011S provides users with a close integration into the PRISMA software solution suite. Unique features such as the Scheduler, DocBox, and Page Programming help make processing files more efficient while the media driven workflow helps to ensure the job is printed on the correct paper, every time.

Details imagePRESS C7011VP/C6011VP/C6011

The next generation of Canon's flagship imagePRESS C7000VP digital press family, the imagePRESS C7011VP/C6011VP/C6011 are color digital presses that produce high-quality output on a wide variety of stocks. This product was engineered specifically to address the high-quality needs of the commercial print and in-plant markets and has the ability to support many different workflows. The imagePRESS C7011 series encompasses the same great core features that have made the imagePRESS C7010 the successful product it is today. Incorporating controller updates, workflow enhancements, productivity improvements and larger format output, the imagePRESS C7011 continues to cater to the needs of key markets.

Details imagePRESS C1+II

Building on the proven imagePRESS C1+ platform, Canon brings you even more with the next generation of this amazing creative tool - the imagePRESS C1+II. More control. More flexibility. More color management capability. More standard professional tools, like Graphic Arts Package, Premium Edition and X-Rite's iPro 2 spectrophotometer. And, especially, more speed. In fact, the imagePRESS C1+II delivers processing speeds that are up to 22% faster than its predecessor.