Meadows Publishing Solutions: DesignMerge®

Workflow Solutions


  • DesignMerge works directly with the Adobe InDesign page layout program, one of the most popular and powerful page layout software packages on the market! If you are not using Adobe InDesign right now, it is so easy to get going - just download the software from the Adobe Creative Cloud site, add our DesignMerge software, and you are ready to go!
  • DesignMerge is compatible with all versions of Adobe InDesign, for both Macintosh and Windows platforms. The requirements for DesignMerge are the same as the requirements for Adobe InDesign. If you are already running InDesign, then you have everything that you need to run DesignMerge.
  • Features:
    • Works directly with standard Adobe InDesign documents
    • Supports hundreds of Variable Text, Picture, and Article links per document
    • Utilizes a simple, intuitive, menu-driven user interface (no programming)
    • Incorporates easy to use step-and-repeat capability for multiple-up layouts
    • Supports all major VDP output formats, including PostScript, PDF, VPS, and PPML
    • Includes on-the-fly copy fitting of overset boxes (CopyFit Module)v
    • Includes advanced conditional logic capabilities (Rules Module)
    • Optional support for Variable Layouts (GroupPicture Module)
    • Optional support for Linear and 2D Bar Coding (Bar Code Modules)
    • Includes PostNet and Intelligent Mail bar code support
    • Advanced Preview and Preflight features
    • Includes a 200+ page manual and tutorial
  • Benefits:
    • Powerful VDP solution
    • Ability to utilize all of the features of Adobe InDesign anytime!
    • Operators do not require programming or JavaScript experience
    • Works with existing client InDesign or PDF documents so setup time is minimized
    • Data Preview and Preflight features ensure the job will run right the first time
    • Supports Canon digital presses