Meadows Publishing Solutions: DesignMerge®

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DesignMerge is a suite of plug-ins for Adobe InDesign, and can output variable data to Canon imagePRESS in PostScript, PDF/VT, and PPML formats.

DesignMerge works with all versions of Adobe InDesign for both Macintosh and Windows platforms. PostScript will run on any PostScript-compatible printer. For optimized VDP print formats such as PDF/VT or PPML, the appropriate ColorPASS server is required.

The system requirements for DesignMerge are the same as those for Adobe InDesign. If you are already running Adobe InDesign, then you have everything that you need to run DesignMerge. Of course, adding a faster computer, more memory, and a faster hard disk drive will enhance the performance of your DesignMerge software, however, the basic operating requirements are the same as your Adobe InDesign software.