Objectif Lune: PrintShop® Mail

Workflow Solutions


  • Open architecture and flexibility provides the ability to create a document in any layout or design application, and integrate to any database format
  • Simple drag-and-drop functionality for integrating database fields onto a document layout; no programming is required.
  • Balances complex functionality with ease of use; software is suitable for a beginner or a well seasoned professional who can push the limits with conditional expressions.
  • Provides instant previews and a powerful resource checking option.
  • Utilizes a comprehensive set of conditional rules for database driven composition so that documents as simple as a mail merge, to highly complex, varying in size, shape, images, and content can be easily created.
  • During the printing process, the variable information from the database is sent to the printer on the fly. The static portion of the job does not need to be re-ripped resulting in printing at optimum speeds resulting in increased efficiency, shortened printing process and decrease network congestion.
  • Scalable solution that enables users to perform simple and complex variable data printing jobs for medium- to high-volume output quantities