RSA QDirect® & Print Stream Transform Modules

Workflow Solutions


One of the key advantages of RSA's QDirect, M.I.S. Print and IPDSPrint workflow solutions is the fact that they can be co-resident on the print controller of an imageRUNNER 110/Pro, 125VP/Pro, or 150VP. Other Canon devices can accept the transformed PostScript output from one of those imageRUNNER 110/Pro 125VP/Pro 150VP printers running M.I.S. Print or IPDSPrint on the print controller, or from a dedicated Sun server running QDirect, M.I.S. Print, or IPDSPrint.

While presented as a unified solution for converting legacy print streams and routing output to print devices, each of the products mentioned can be installed as a stand-alone component. Below are some of the specifications for each application. Please visit for the latest information on specifications for these products.

Data Streams
  • Data stream independent (PostScript, PCL, PDF, TIFF, ASCII, LCDS, XES/UDK, IPDS)
  • Jobs can be submitted from any source, including RSA WebCRD

Network Protocols
  • Open System protocols (TCP/IP, LPR, FTP, Socket, Hot Folder)
  • Mainframe protocols (Bus & Tag, ESCON, Secure Mainframe TCP/IP)
  • Alternate protocols (QDirect Input Workflow Manager API, QDirect Submission Client)

High Availability and Security
  • Backup server support
  • Disaster Recovery support
  • SSL encrypted data streams and protocols

Operating System
  • Runs on a highly scalable, reliable, low cost Sun Solaris platform
  • No UNIX knowledge is required
  • Java client runs on any desktop

M.I.S. Print / IPDSPrint Specifications
Connectivity Options
  • Channel (Bus & Tag or ESCON)
  • RSA Channel Card
  • RSA Multi-Channel Server
  • Secure TCP/IP
  • Barr S370 (M.I.S. Print only)
  • Offline Tape 9-Track and 3480/3490 (M.I.S. Print only)
  • Call RSA for others

Software Environment
  • Co-resident on most production printers, including imageRUNNER 110/Pro, 125VP/Pro, and 150VP
  • Highly reliable, scalable Sun server

RDOPrint Specifications
  • CD-ROM
  • FTP or network drive
  • Hot Folder
  • Optional Magneto Optical drive

Input Format Convert RDO documents created on XDOD 4.2 and DigiPath 2.x, 3.x, 4.x, and 5.x

Supported RDO Content Formats
  • TIFF/G4
  • TIFF/uncompressed
  • PDF

  • Standard: Production printer, File Server
  • Optional: Tape, CD

Output Format
  • PostScript Level 3 with embedded compressed images
  • PDF
  • Embedded setpagedevice commands for media selection, plex selection, and other job ticket functions on printers that support this feature
  • Enhanced support for select production printers (contact RSA for more details)