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Vivid Toner (V Toner)
Canon Technology V Toner V toner is a newly designed pulverized, color toner. It has a micro-dispersed structure of wax and uses Oil-less fixing. V toner has optimal heat melting performance in the fixing process. So it produces gloss uniformity with paper gloss in high-speed copies. V toner has an average particle size of 5.5 microns. V toner yields less gained and more consistent image quality. Additionally, V toner, which adopts the micro-dispersed technology of the pigment, expands the color gamut and provides high image quality.
Gloss Uniformity & Optimization
Vivid toner has optimized the heat melting performance in the fusing process. Vivid toner maximizes performance for new imagePRESS machines' fusing systems and produces Gloss Uniformity with paper gloss in high-speed copiers.
V Toner
Wide Color Gamut

Vivid toner, which adopts micro-dispersed technology of pigment, has a wider color gamut than offset printing. Furthermore, Vivid toner maintains high quality output combined with the new image processing technology which provides true color output.

V Toner
Color Stability
Vivid toner has a superior charging performance in the developing processes. imagePRESS machines have improved developing stability by the synergy between Vivid toner and the T carrier. It provides reliable output which produces consistent output even in high-speed and high-volume printing.
V Toner
Less Grained Image

imagePRESS machines have improved developing performance due to the synergy between Vivid toner and the new T carrier. Therefore, imagePRESS machines produce less grained and smoother images. Also, Vivid toner particles have an average size of 5.5 microns. These small particles also contribute to less grained images.

V Toner
Oil - Less Fusing (Micro Dispersed Wax Structure)

Vivid toner, which has a micro dispersed wax structure, achieves oil-less fusing and optimal glossy images.

V Toner

V Toner
Excellent Image Quality (Average 5.5NM Small Particle)

Canon developed Vivid Toner to express true images and create a wide color gamut, precise image quality, and high quality glossy images. Vivid toner was developed using new technology and a new process of manufacturing, resulting in 1200 dpi output. This provides stable and high image quality when using imagePRESS machines.

V Toner

Average 5.5 micron particles