KT17ex4.3B IRSE




With HD production activity expanding, the popularity of 1/3-inch HD camcorders has grown, thanks to their impressive performance and modest pricing. In response to this trend, Canon U.S.A. Inc., a leader in digital imaging, has introduced the 1/3-inch KT17ex4.3B IRSE portable HD zoom lens, which combines advanced optical performance and features with affordability and value.

Designed to support both HD Electronic News Gathering and general HD production requirements, the KT17ex4.3B portable HD zoom lens is ideal for shooting assignments that require flexible creative control and a generous focal range. The lens features a 17x zoom ratio and a minimum focal length of 4.3mm, which provides a 62.6-degree angular field of view in the 16:9 HDTV image format. Its built-in 2x extender increases the focal-length range from 8.6mm to 146 mm.

The use of large-diameter aspheric lens elements contribute to tighter control of lens aberrations, in the KT17ex4.3B, especially comatic aberration and geometric distortion. The KT17ex4.3B lens uses a variety of optical materials, including Fluorite and high-index glasses that lower flare, increase contrast, and enhance picture sharpness at the image center and extremities. The compact and 3.26 lb. lightweight housing of the KT17ex4.3B lens provides a high degree of ruggedness and durability.

About This Lens
The new KT17ex4.3B lens takes advantage of Canon’s ergonomically improved Digital Drive unit, designed to help reduce operator fatigue, by fitting more comfortably into the palm of the hand, while a reduced in width helps position the palm closer to the optical axis, reducing the degree of arm bend for less physical strain during prolonged shooting.

In addition to a new design, the Digital Drive unit also provides for creative videography using advanced operational features with exact control of zoom, focus, and iris settings. These settings can be pre-set by the lens operator for precise and repeatable shuttling between two different settings at predetermined speeds at the touch of a button on the Digital Drive unit. The Shuttle Shot, Frame Preset, and Speed Preset settings are customizable using an information display window on the Digital Drive unit. All of these features are made possible by Canon-developed miniature 16-bit high-resolution rotary encoders derived from technologies in Canon’s high-end portable HD zoom lenses.