HDTV Field Lenses
Item Code: 0101T399


The unparalleled quality offered by the DIGISUPER Series by Canon has made it a permanent fixture at sporting events around the world and a heavy favorite of professional camera operators.

As one of Canon's leading lens series for broadcast use, the DIGISUPER line has introduced numerous technological innovations while capturing memorable scenes with the best possible quality, so that they may be enjoyed by future generations.

Amid the rapid growth in high-definition program production in recent years, Canon has maintained a strong relationship with content producers, to ensure that our products continue to satisfy the needs of such a dynamic industry. In particular, the call has been strong to make field lenses wider and with higher magnification to convey the intensity and dynamism of the scene at hand, as well as to outfit them with enhanced operability and tracking.

Our answer to these needs is the new DIGISUPER 76 (XJ76x9B). This next-generation Standard Field lens successfully offers both enhanced width and higher magnification as well as superior operability and tracking by bringing together the very best of the technology Canon has developed over the last half-century.