Standard Definition

About YJ13x6B KTS


The YJ13x6 KTS is a 2/3-inch wide angle of view portable lens offered by Canon to support diverse remote imaging applications including teleconferencing, distance learning, and specialized broadcasting applications. It is a member of a family of three 2/3-inch SD remote control lenses that collectively offer an unusually broad range of creative options.

The YJ13x6 KTS utilized breakthrough technologies and powerful computer-aided design techniques to produce a very wide-angle SDTV lens in a 3.73 lb package, an impressive 13% lighter than its predecessor, the YJ12x6.5B KTS. It is a design directly responding to the expressed creative desires of producers for a truly versatile SD acquisition system.

The YJ13x6B KTS represents a magnificent compromise between the demands for compact sized, light-weight and the exacting performance requirements for high-end SDTV production. The requisite optimization strategies to achieve this balance sought a high MTF over the entire image plane, minimization of chromatic aberrations, and maximization of image contrast. Preservation of the highest MTF at the wider angle focal lengths (where scene detail can be particularly high) was a special priority.