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EOS C100

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Cinema EOS Camera
Item Code: 6340B002

EOS C100 3.9 5 9 9
The negatives are easily overcome You can read all about the features in the other reviews. This is just a comment on the solutions for the three gripes that everyone complains about. 1. Slow motion. Switch the camera to 60i or 50i and then with two clicks in your edit suite you have slow motion! This method looks better IMO than the 720 60p slowmo. 2. The EVF. Instead of using the EVF you can get a loupe made for the LCD screen from LCDVF (the BM model fits) or Zacuto. Works great. 3. Codec. I haven't had any issues with the AVCHD codec, but if you really want to abuse the image in grading then you can use a Ninja or Blade external recorder and get ProRes 422 out of camera. Like everyone who wants it all without having to pay for it, I wish we didn't need to go to other steps or workarounds, but for the price of this camera these are hardly deal breakers. The image and ergonomics make up for them easily. March 10, 2014
great upgrade choice from dslr 4k isn't here yet. 99% of the jobs I do don't require it. This camera has a great image (upgradable to 4:2:2 with atomos ninja 2), built in ND filters, focus peaking, waveforms, wonderful sharpness, canon log, etc. In short - it is a camcorder. Filmmakers coming from DSLR's, it is so worth the upgrade. Except..... where the heck is the slow motion?!? We all know that you can do it with firmware, Canon. Step up your game. That is my only low rating.... oh, and the viewfinder is complete rubbish. March 4, 2014
I like this camera. Very easy to handle. Finally can exchange lenses. January 31, 2014
Solid Performer - Good Ergonomics This is our main camera for doing commercial projects for web. The ergonomics compared to a DSLR's really make it stand out. I've used everything from the older Canon XL1s line upward, and this camera truly has a great layout. The audio capabilities of this camera are great as well. You soon realize how nice it is to be able to plug an XLR straight into a camera from a LAV and set levels without having to worry about syncing later. (Something we never had the luxury of on our 5D III.) We also use it with an Atmos Ninja 2 to get higher bit rates when needed. They pair well and we've not any issue with the or any other external monitor/recorder. Initially we had some concern on recording to SD vs. our normal CF, but we've not had any issues with this. Yes, there are some features we hope Canon sees sense in adding in the future (everyone knows it should have 60P on it) but Canon's been good as of late to get the updates out there. The build is very solid as well. No issues with the handle either on the side or the one on top. November 15, 2013
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