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The BU-51H is a highly versatile turnkey HD Pan-Tilt-Zoom camera system intended to address a wide range of indoor applications. It features a pan-tilt head, a built-in 20X zoom lens, and a 3 CCD HD video camera all housed in an elegant design. The system offers extensive control of the pan-tilt head, lens functions, and key camera CCU adjustments. The system was specifically designed to achieve an excellent HD cost-performance optimization.

The central premise of the BU-51H design criteria was an extremely low operational mechanism noise level so that the system can be actuated within venues and situations which, by their very nature, are unusually quiet.  Concert halls, lecture auditoriums, and recording studios are just some of the countless situations for which the BU-51H is ideally suited.

The BU-51H robotic remote-control camera is a highly versatile high-definition imaging system combining Canon HD optics, HD camera, and Pan-Tilt mechanism in an integrated turnkey product that achieves a highly attractive price performance ratio.