Medical Education and Training Projectors

Short-Throw Compact Installation LCOS Projector with DICOM Simulation Mode
Item Code: 8678B010


DICOM Simulation Mode

The DICOM Simulation Mode of the REALiS WUX400ST D Pro AV Short Throw Compact Installation LCOS Projector is included specifically for scientific organizations, medical schools and lecture demonstrations of medical materials. When the projector is placed in this mode, it is capable of non-diagnostic, large screen projection of X-ray and CT images onto large screens, while being in compliance with the DICOM grayscale standard display function. Presenters have the ability to alter the color temperature between 5 presets (3 user defined color temperatures, a clear base and a blue base).

The REALiS WUX400ST D projector is not cleared or approved for medical diagnosis and should not be used for these purposes. DICOM is a registered trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for its standards publications relating to digital communications of medical information.