Medical Education and Training Projectors

Short Throw Compact Installation LCOS Projector with DICOM Simulation Mode
Item Code: 8679B010


Multimedia Capabilities

PC-less projection is a breeze with Canon's REALiS WX450ST D Pro AV Short Throw Compact Installation LCOS Projector. The WX450ST D includes a USB memory stick port and pre-installed support for MS Office files, Adobe PDF', and select image, video and audio files. You will enjoy flexibility and convenience to showcase your work under a wide range of presentation scenarios and requirements.

USB Port Memory Sticks
A USB port located in the back of the unit allows you the flexibility and convenience to make presentations without a PC. The USB port can also be utilized to update the unit's firmware, so that you may never need to uninstall your projector — which could save you valuable time.

JPEG Image Support
Business professionals, university educators and others that rely on JPEG images to communicate a richer and more fully realized presentation will appreciate the WX450ST D's support of this format through the use of the USB memory stick port. The projector's new image processor races to deliver most images in less than 2 seconds, without the need for a PC computer.

Built-In Speaker
In presentation spaces and situations where an external sound system is not available, the WX450ST D projector features an integrated 5W monaural speaker that delivers crisp, beautiful sound, even at a high volume. Whether you need to showcase an audio file or to play a movie for your listening audience, you will not need either a PC computer or peripheral components to do so.


The REALiS WX450ST D projector is not cleared or approved for medical diagnosis and should not be used for these purposes. DICOM is a registered trademark of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association for its standards publications relating to digital communications of medical information.