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Mobius by Vincent Laforet

Canon’s Cinema EOS C300 Camera Delivers The Goods In Director Vincent Laforet’s Mobius

Mobius By Vincent Laforet: An Unusual Time Travel Film

Mobius By Vincent Laforet: An Unusual Time Travel Film

When a photojournalist ventures into the desert after drug cartel members, he soon learns that time is a greater threat to him than their bullets. Shot with the EOS C300.

For the short film Mobius, director Vincent Laforet endured unforgivable conditions in the Mojave Desert. Luckily, the Canon Cinema EOS C300 was up to the task. The EOS C300 not only made for more efficient setups because of its compact nature, but also performed effortlessly in 107-degree heat and handled both natural sunlight and nighttime shots beautifully. The inclusion of Canon filters and lenses allowed Laforet and company a wide range of options—whether it’s to create a washed-out look or get that perfect long shot.

The Canon Cinema EOS C300 showed its worth in the making of this otherworldly short film.

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