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The Canon EOS C100 Follows Pulse Across Three Countries

Pulse: Music From The Heart

Pulse: Music From The Heart

Composer David Plans' life was changed when he died and came back. This is the story of how he and his friends created BioBeats, the mobile app that makes music from your heart. Directed by stillmotion using the EOS C100.

Vowing to change his life after literally dying, composer David Plans devises the Bio Beats mobile app with his friends Davide Morrelli and Nadeem Kassam. Their inspiring journey, which spans three countries, results in an invention that makes music based upon a person’s heartbeat and detected through a smartphone’s camera. Pulse is the story of these brilliant men and their game-changing invention.

Directed by stillmotion, Pulse was filmed exclusively with the compact Canon EOS C100 Digital Video Camera on a weeklong shoot. This perfectly atypical camera’s versatility made it perfect for this atypical shoot of this globe-hopping, extraordinary story.

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