New Products at NAB 2011

Canon introduced three new lenses at NAB 2011: the affordably priced KJ20x8.2B IRSD High-Definition ENG lens, and an award-winning pair of PL Mount lenses. Click on the links below to learn more!

  • DetailsFK14.5-60 Wide-Angle PL-Mount Cine Zoom Lens

    FK14.5-60 Wide-Angle PL-Mount Cine Zoom Lens
    One of two PL-Mount Cine Zoom lenses being introduced at NAB 2011, the wide-angle FK14.5-60 maintains its T2.6 maximum aperture over the entire focal range, and with the virtual absence of focus breathing offers new freedom in exploring novel picture creation. These attributes combine to help ensure superb contrast under a wide range of scene-lighting conditions, helping to maximize the image-creation capabilities of the current top-of-the-line single-sensor digital cinematography cameras.
  • DetailsFK30-300 Telephoto PL-Mount Cine Zoom Lens

    FK30-300 Telephoto PL-Mount Cine Zoom Lens
    The telephoto FK30-300 complements the wide-angle FK14.5-60 in larger studios while also servicing many outdoor shots with exceptionally vivid imagery. These two new lenses from Canon offer a performance level in accordance with emerging 4K production image format standards, which inherently ensures the very highest performance in contemporary 2K and HD digital 35mm motion-imaging.
  • DetailsKJ20x8.2B IRSD

    KJ20x8.2B IRSD
    The KJ20x8.2B portable HD lens is designed to support a wide range of applications and users, from broadcast ENG to professional freelance HD shooters. Leading the list of advanced features of the new lens is its built-in 2x extender, an important imaging feature previously seen only on relatively higher-end HD lenses. As a result, the KJ20x8.2B offers ENG shooters and other camera operators greatly improved subject-framing flexibility. The new KJ20x8.2B is also Canon’s widest (8.2 mm) lens in the affordable 20x zoom class, and it covers a generous range of focal lengths, particularly when combined with its built-in 2x extender expanding its 8.2mm-164mm focal length to 16.4mm-328mm.