About Us

We are the Canon Broadcast and Communications (BCTV) division - a part of the larger Canon U.S.A. Inc. Our extensive line of BCTV lens products is squarely based on the highly advanced optical, mechanical and digital technologies for which Canon became legendary.

Canon Inc., our parent company, started in 1937 - initially developing cameras. Today Canon is a $30 billion company crossing multiple technological frontiers in imaging that have brought innovative solutions to homes, offices and industries. Digital imaging remains the central core of numerous related developments and businesses. Canon's BCTV lenses are the pinnacle of the superb optical capabilities of the company.

Optical technology is now strongly flanked with a globally recognized prowess in high-resolution solid-state imagers, high-density system LSI chips and highly specialized miniature components and devices. Canon's overall technology leadership is exemplified by its continuing presence - for the past nine years - within the top three companies awarded U.S. patents.

A particularly unique strength of our television and electronic cinematography lens developments are our synergistic access to the extensive expertise and core technologies and devices across Canon Inc.