Controller & Accessories for Remote Control Lenses


Speed Servo Controller


Position Servo Controller


8 Position Preset Controller


Close-up Lens (not available for HJ11ex/J11ex)

Four types (82CL-UP800H/82CL-UP1300H /105CL-UP900H/105CL-UP800HD) are available.

External Extender (For 2/3" Pro-video Lens Only)

A 2x extender is available for telephoto shooting.

External Extender Control Unit

A motorized unit to control the extender remotely is available as an option. Without the unit, it is possible to switch the extender manually.

*The control unit can only control the lens that is originally equipped with an extender.

Connecting Cable

5m, 10m, 20m, 50m and 100m cables are available.

Maximum cable length is 150m by connection of these cables

External Extender Control Unit

System Configuration

PDF file Remote Control TV Lens general catalog (PDF file) Download  26.48MB