Full Servo System for ANALOG Lens

Operational Accessories for Box Type Studio/Field Lens

For ANALOG Lenses

  • SUPER55
  • SUPER E47
Full Servo System
1. Zoom Demand ZDJ-A01 (Analog Servo) 1822A053
2-A. Focus Demand FDJ-I01 (Analog Servo) 1822A010
2-B. Focus Demand FDJ-H01 (Analog Servo) 1822A012
3. Servo Module SMJ-N02 (x2pcs) 1822A038
*1 Switch Box is optionally available. The equivalent switches are integrated into Zoom Demands.

It is recommended to have the Switch Box with Full Manual System.
*2 Lens Supporter is necessary for portable camera mounting.

Some cameras need separate power supply for zoom and focus servo operation.