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Current SDK Versions as of November 13, 2014

EDSDK 2.15 for EOS digital cameras

  1. What are the Canon Digital Camera SDKs?
  2. Do the Canon Digital Camera SDKs replace the software supplied with my Canon digital camera?
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  1. What are the Canon Digital Camera SDKs?

SDK stands for Software Development Kit. The SDKs for EOS Digital SLRs and PowerShot compact digital cameras are separate. There are two (2) current Canon Digital Camera SDK versions:

EDSDK 2.15 Windows version for select EOS Digital SLRs

EDSDK 2.15 Macintosh version for select EOS Digital SLRs

The Canon Digital Camera SDKs comprise a set of APIs, DLLs, and static link libraries that provide an interface for accessing Canon digital cameras and data generated by Canon digital cameras.

EDSDK 2.15 Windows and Macintosh version support remote control for some EOS cameras, RAW image conversion and downloading from select EOS Digital SLRs with DIGIC 4, DIGIC III or DIGIC II processors released over the past five years, starting with the EOS-1D Mark III and continuing through to the EOS-1D X.

All Canon Digital Camera SDK versions are written in C. There are no current ActiveX versions. The ONLY supported Operating Systems are Windows 7, 8, 8.1,Mac OS X 10.8 - 10.9.

PLEASE NOTE:EDSK is not 64-bit compatible. A 64-bit library is provided as part of the EDSDK, limited to the camera connect functions, as a beta version on a trial basis.

Furthermore, there is no explicit support for other operating systems or development environments including but not limited to: Windows 2000, Windows XP X64 Edition, Windows CE, Windows Mobile Edition, Windows Media Center, Linux, Sun, Unix, HP-Unix, OS/2, Free BSD, Java, Cocoa, etc. Canon Inc. has indicated no plans to develop SDKs for any of these operating systems or development environments.

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