DUV Scanners

About FPA-6300ES6a


  • High-Productivity Scanner: The new Canon DUV scanner incorporates a newly designed reticle stage and wafer stage that significantly reduces wafer handling, alignment and exposure processes times. The FPA-6300ES6a scanner realizes a throughput of more than 200 wafers per hour* when available options are applied.
    *12-inch wafers, 98 shots, with Throughput Upgrade applied

  • High-Accuracy Scanner: The FPA-6300ES6a employs highly sophisticated stage-control technologies, an improved alignment scope and precise temperature and distortion control to make possible an overlay accuracy of 5 nm** when available options are applied. The advanced 0.86NA projection optical system and a wide range of options support demanding and robust device production.
    ** with Overlay Upgrade applied

  • High-Reliability Scanner: The FPA-6300ES6a platform provides substantial improvements in terms of base durability and maintenance requirements, as well as reduced install times and increased system uptime and availability***. FPA-6300ES6a options and upgrades further improve overlay accuracy and productivity, offering scalability to support next-generation semiconductor manufacturing.
    *** Compared with FPA-6000ES6a scanner