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Flash Memory Camcorders

Dual Flash Memory Camcorder
Item Code: 4396B001


Flash Memory

The ultra-sleek and compact FS31 allows you to capture video to a 16GB internal flash drive as well as onto an SD memory card. Video stored on the internal memory can be copied onto the memory card which can then be inserted into your computer or television's card reader slot for immediate viewing. Additionally, you can use higher capacity SD memory cards to further increase the video storage of your FS31.

In addition to the advantage of added recording time, flash memory offers more to you as well. You'll appreciate its quick response time, because it doesn't have to wait for moving parts. Press the record button and your FS31 starts recording video faster than you've ever seen before. In addition, when you review your footage, it will start playing more quickly as well. Another plus is the FS31's low power consumption rate, allowing your battery to last longer. It's just what you need so you don't miss that pivotal play on the field or the moment when they say "I do." While we certainly hope you keep your FS31 securely in your hand while shooting, if it happens to slip, or you accidentally knock it against something, you'll be happy to know that flash memory makes your camcorder more shock resistant than other recording storage systems. It also minimizes the chance of data loss due to damage to your recording media or the moving parts found in other camcorders.

Memory capacityXP (app. 9Mbps)
High Image Quality
SP (app. 6Mbps)
LP (app. 3Mbps)
Long Play
2GB25 min.40 min.1 hour 15 min.
4GB55 min.1 hour 20 min.2 hours 35 min.
8GB1 hour 50 min.2 hours 45 min.5 hours 10 min.
16GB*3 hours 40 min.5 hours 30 min.10 hours 25 min.
32GB7 hours 20 min.11 hours20 hours 50 min.
* Size of built-in memory in FS31

The maximum memory capacity and recording time can be substantially increased by the combination of the internal memory and the size of the SD memory card chosen. For example, the FS31’s 16GB of internal memory, combined with a removable 32GB SD memory card, would give 48GB in total memory capacity, and 31 hours 15 minutes of recording time at the LP setting.