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Item Code: 4888B001
Estimated Retail Price: $2,499.00

XF100 4.7 5 11 11
Great camcorder I was looking for an update to my previous camcorder and researched the XF 100 and 300. I need a very mobile camera with high quality results. You will not be disaapointed. I have had it for only a month and half and the footage at 50mb will blow you away. I have a lot of people amazed when I show them the size of the camera after they see the footage. I use it for documentarys and events. I use CS6 Premiere Pro and it goes right in . For almost half the price of the 300 it is a bargin November 1, 2012
Extraordinary Camera The Canon XF100 was on my wish list as my former HD camera (semi-pro, early HD vidcam) was starting to have problems with ccd's. I researched this camera (and others) for over 8 months before I purchased it. The Canon XF100 was a fairly good size investment but I am extremely happy I made the choice. Filming is not my primary profession, but I do a lot "on the side" and I want to be proud of my footage (I also use a 7D for photography and occasional DSLR HD video). Consequently, I wanted a camera with pro-level features that would not be a limiting factor. I film weddings, church events, small short films, school activities, dance and sporting events. I am still learning on this camera (have owned for around about two months), but I have been quite happy with the overall quality. While I have shot with some success using auto settings, this camera really shines in manual mode. On my most recent project, I shot landscape as well as several interviews. In all scenarios, the quality was amazing (1080, 60i, 50mbps). I initially had problems with noise using higher gain in low light settings during some of the interviews. When I set the gain manually, the noise was better. Lower light shooting is far better than my previous camera, but not as good as I had hoped. I think for a camera this price, a larger senser (or multiple) to handle light would be more appropriate. I also recommend using a microphone. The onboard mic is decent, but you'll get a lot better audio using the XLR and a mic on your subject. I've also used a Rode Videomic and it works well. I use Final Cut Pro on a Macbook Pro (2011) and the MXF files that the camera produce come in very easy with Log and Transfer. I've never had any issues and the workflow is very simple. The mac can handle the video files just fine. It is also quite easy to back up your video using the bundled XF Utility. If you are looking for a versatile, high quality camera and shoot in a variety of settings, this is the best camera for the $$'s in this range/ feature set. If you are primarily shooting in low light you may want to consider the 305, but be prepared to pay quite a bit more. August 16, 2012
Most Excellent Canon did it again. I have several Canon cameras and I like them all. This Video Pro Camera is a great value because it is compact enough to take it almost anywhere without looking like a news cameraman taking video for the 11 O’clock news and it gets the same kind of results like the bigger more expensive cameras. The video quality is amazing and has enough manual controls to tweak it to get the best results needed for that special shot. Remember it’s a mid line Pro camera. If you need a higher end camera for long range shooting then you may want to consider the XF-300 series camera. This camera should be enough for most people who just want a great looking video from close to mid range shooting. June 11, 2012
Remarkable Camera, Another Classic from Canon This camera is another in a long line of incredible handheld professional camcorders from Canon. Dead simple to use, brilliant features, professional broadcast codec, and best of all - beautiful images. As with any camera, you get out what you put in, so take the time to learn how to use the camera properly, how it's myriad settings work and where the camera controls and functions are located. Once you have that down, nothing can stop you from taking professional video whenever you need. It has an exceptional form factor for travel, documentary, BTS & journalism - but enough punch to go far beyond that! March 7, 2012
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