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Item Code: 4454B001
Estimated Retail Price: $4,999.00

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Outstanding HD camcorder I have used the Canon XF305 during 2 years. The camcorder is really one of the best in its class I have ever used. The main elements that could attract the attention of most videographers are: The lens - it is excellent! The colors and resolution are very nice. I can't compare it with the others in its class. It is the best! Just it! The camera has a very big and flexible 4 inch and high quality LCD screen and viewfinder. The sound quality is superb both from its built-in mic and form the XLR ouputs. The latest firmware update improved already existed excellent sound quality by the way! It has pro connections which put the camera in the line with other pro shoulder mount HD camcorders. And of course its image quality is fantastic thanks to its lens and the codec! I love my XF305 and recommend it to all videographers. August 21, 2013
Stunning performance I bought the XF305 originally as a 'B' camera to complement my high end Canon DSLR's and the companies C300. All I can say is the XF305 is far from being a 'B' camera. It clearly matched the C300 in terms of clarity, and using the custom profile feature that all important Cine look is possible, though shallow DOF won't be as shallow. For my style of filming, the 305 offers stunning performance and quality features at an amazing price - well done Canon! May 23, 2013
Superb camcorder It is a very nice professional HD camcorder. The image quality is more than expected. I used to have it with an external HD recorder just for compare. Telling the truth I haven't seen any difference in picture quality even at the highest Mbits of the external HD/SDI recorders. The lens quality is very high. The 4 inch LCD and the VF are just superb! Mostly recommended! May 11, 2013
Great Camcorder Great image and sound quality. Image is vivid and crisp. Superb lens quality. Excellent LCD screen and VF. Very good battery life. Excellent ergonomic. Very comfortable. I am very happy to be an owner of such a wonderful camcorder. Buy it without hesitation! May 9, 2013
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