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Progressive Scan Charged Coupled Device (CCD)

World's first on a camcorder!

The Optura is the world's first camcorder to incorporate a progressive scan CCD image sensor that delivers a significant improvement in performance and image quality. Each and every light gathering pixel on the CCD is used to reproduce a full frame video image 60 times per second. In contrast, the conventional interlace-type CCD reproduces only half a full frame, known as a field, in the same amount of time. During playback, the interlace method used on other camcorders combines two field images together, but a time lapse between the fields can cause a disturbing image flicker on the television screen when playback is paused. The Optura's progressive scan CCD eliminates the time lapse between fields by recording a full frame image, making it possible to output, display or even print the most exciting frame of a moving image without any loss in resolution.