Optura 500

miniDV Camcorders
Item Code: 9539A003


The Perfect Union of Video and Photography.

From summer escapes to winter wonderlands, life is meant to be savored. That's why Canon created the Optura 500 digital camcorder. Enjoy the convenience of holding a digital video camcorder and digital camera all in one hand. Low and compact, the Optura 500 camcorder features a swivel grip and palm pad... perfect comfort when shooting long days at sporting events or marathon birthday parties. For those desiring stunning videos and photos, supreme ease-of-use and powerful versatility, Canon's Optura 500 camcorder has it all.

Incorporating Canon's latest digital technologies, the Optura 500 digital camcorder comes complete with features normally reserved for higher-end professional camcorders and cameras. Shoot, watch, print and share your favorite memories in vivid clarity and stunning color. Best of all, the Optura camcorders are easy to use, allowing you to enjoy every second of every moment.