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Digital Camcorder
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Capturing your memories in stunning digital video has never been easier with the ZR series camcorders. Canon's ZR20 puts the power of digital video into your hands, letting you record images and sound of exceptional quality, whether you're a seasoned movie-maker or an enthusiastic beginner.

The ZR20 digital camcorder makes the power of digital video both easy-to-use and truly affordable for home use. Capture a baby's first steps, record sporting events, or make your own movies - all with a professional polish formerly reserved for equipment many times the price.

Sleek and compact, the ZR series camcorders are comfortable to hold and small enough to slip into virtually any pocket. But don't let the size fool you: these camcorders contain an array of powerful features, including a flexible LCD view screen that folds into the camcorder's body, an optical and a digital zoom for dramatic close-ups, and an image stabilization system for shake-free video even without a tripod. Each ZR series camcorder connects easily to a DV-ready personal computer for editing, or to your TV for the joy of sharing memories and experiences. And when you're not shooting video, use the ZR like a camera to capture still images.