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Digital Camcorder
Item Code: 8428A001


Designed for point and shoot simplicity.

Designed for point and shoot simplicity, Canon's new ZR series camcorders allow everyone to get great results without any effort at all. Place the camcorder in your hand, and it fits comfortably and securely, like you have owned it for years. No learning curve is necessary as you soon find yourself shooting crisp, vibrant video and life-like digital photos, just by pressing a single button. Canon, the trusted name in optics for decades, has made capturing memories more convenient, exciting, and easier than ever.

All the features of the ZR60, plus 20X Optical Zoom/400X Digital Zoom, XGA High Resolution Photo Mode, Direct Print with Canon Bubble Jet Printers, MultiMediaCard and Secure Digital (SD) Memory Card technology for easy storage and transfer of still images, and a USB terminal.

The ZR65MC adds a whole new twist to family events. Documentation will become a part of you, almost instinctual. Superb performance, stylish design, and seamless operation will make the ZR65MC easy to pick up and hard to put down.

Expand the flexibility of your ZR65MC by using genuine Canon accessories. Whether you need to gain a new perspective, add some light, or just want to keep shooting, Canon accessories allow your creativity to shine through.