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PowerShot SX50 HS

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Digital Compact Camera
Item Code: 6352B001
Estimated Retail Price: $429.99

PowerShot SX50 HS 4.4 5 87 87
Great carry around camera This a great all in one carry around camera. I also own the older SX1 and SX40HS, and this camera improves on both. The SX1 has a 35mm equivalent 24-560mm lens, has great image quality, great video, and shoots RAW files, but the downfall in my view was AA batteries which had a very short useful life (relative to a Lithium Ion battery) and always seemed to die at the wrong moment. There was no battery charge indicator other than an "idiot" light that would flash as the battery died. Then a few versions later came the SX40HS. Great camera, battery charge indicator, Lithium Ion battery, 35mm equivalent 24-840mm lens, great image quality, great features, great video... but no RAW. Now we have this little gem the SX50HS which in my view finally completes the picture for the perfect carry around camera with an even longer lens range, battery charge indicator, Lithium Ion battery with remarkable life, great image quality, great video, great features and shoots RAW files! This camera boasts remarkable image quality from a very small chip. Does it compare to the image quality I get from my 1DS Mark III or 5D Mark III? No. Did I expect it to? No. But for the all the amazing features packed into this camera the bottom line for me is that there are many great images that HAVE been captured because of the portability and range of this camera which might have been missed otherwise, as I don't regularly tote around the 20 - 30 pounds of gear that would be needed to cover this lens range on my full frame DSLRs. November 19, 2012
Awesome Camera This little camera is simply awesome. It's light and compact enough to carry in my purse. I have a 5D Mark 11, and a Rebel XT as well. Both are heavier cameras, and frankly I cannot afford to purchase an 800mm lens for birding. I bought this camera expressly to take with me on birding trips. WOW am I impressed. From my first test shots to now, about 3,000 shots later in two months, I am ecstatic about this camera. Many fellow birders, friends, and other travelers have asked me about this camera and I've recommended it to them all. Even on windy days I've managed to get great bird shots thanks to the IS feature. It takes some getting used to when the lens is fully extended, but it's definitely capable of getting non-shaky shots. In fact, the shots that I'm getting are nothing less than unbelievable. I tried the macro feature and was very unimpressed, but I have the awesome Canon 100mm L macro lens when I want to shoot close ups. Don't really need macro for birding. The camera is quite rugged as well. I dropped it this weekend - the sky filter shattered, but the camera itself is fine! Canon makes extremely tough and durable cameras. When this camera comes out with Wi-Fi, i'll purchase it again. And again. I do wish that some of the controls were not under 'menu'. For example, all my shots have been on automatic so far. Switching to video is extremely easy too. The only thing I don't like about that is with the sound on, you can hear the sound of the lens moving in and out. Overall, this camera gets an A+++ from me. I am super happy with it. April 29, 2014
Perfect for a safari I bought this camera 1.5 years ago because I was going on an african safari and was impressed by the zoom videos on youtube. The you tube videos don't do this camera justice. This is the most amazing camera. Everyone on the safari wanted this camera because they were amazed by the quality of the pictures i was able to capture of animals so far away. Took it on a glacier cruise later. Caught my mother packing it in her bag because she loved it as well. She ended up buying her own. I'm off to Machu Picchu and Easter Island and can't wait to use it again! April 10, 2014
Great camera at any price I shoot a lot of wildlife esp. birds. Because of the 1200mm zoom and because it is light to carry it has been a dream to use.After hundreds of photos with super results I have never been happier with a product. Because of my experience 2 friends have purchased this camera. I hand hold it and shoot at 1200 mm and a birds eye will be In perfect focus.. March 11, 2014
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