PowerShot S60

PowerShot S Series

Digital Camera
Item Code: 9458A001


The Widest Focal Length in the PowerShot Line!

PowerShot S60 is equipped with a wide-angle 3.6x retractable zoom lens that reaches all the way to 28mm. This is a distinct advantage over most digital cameras, which offer a focal length of only 35mm at the wide end. You'll really notice the difference in enhanced shots of large subjects, expanded indoor shots, and greater depth to your photography overall.
28mm 35mm

3.6x Optical/15x Combined Zoom
Moreover, a telephoto zoom brings the angle of view all the way to 100mm* to make the S60 highly versatile. Zooming is quick and smooth with a 4.1x digital zoom that combines with the optical zoom to take you all the way to 15x.
28mm* 100mm* 4.1x Digital Zoom
*Approximately equivalent in the traditional 35mm film format.