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EF 50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro

EF 50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro
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About EF 50mm f/2.5 Compact Macro

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Macro Lens
Item Code: 2537A003
Estimated Retail Price: $299.99

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Bargain Macro! I purchased this lens mainly to use in copying my vast library of color slides. Paired with Canon extension tubes, a competitors slide holder, and a decent light source, it works terrific! My Canon 5D III makes much quicker files since I don't have to wait the several minutes for a regular scanner to do its scan, and I can see the results on the cameras LCD screen histogram right away. In addition doing white balance for the light source is a cinch. Since both type of copies require final retouching in Photoshop, the Macro is a much better way to go. It's much less costly since you already own a DSLR! Of course it works fine for traditional pictures too! The lens has been unchanged for years, so brace yourself when you hear the sound of the focusing motor... its from the beginning of EOS so just marvel at the fact that it's still around. However, it still has metal filter threads, and the optics are great! January 1, 2013
Primary Lens I purchased this lens to complement the recent purchase of a Canon T2i. I had the choice of getting the 18-55mm lens or this 50mm f/2.5, I selected this lens as my first lens purchase because of reviews noting its sharp optical quality. As for the zoom, I figured I could use my feet to zoom in and out accordingly. I have used this lens for about three weeks now, and could not be happier with my choice. Since I use this lens mainly for still life projects, the motor focus noise criticism noted by others is not bothersome to me. In fact, what noise there is, is a nice audio clue that the lens is working for me. Hard to find fault with this lens, I like it a lot. March 23, 2012
Best 50mm budget lens If you are planning to go for a 50mm lens, I would suggest this lens. It not only takes sharp pictures wide open, it is also well suited for all purposes from landscape and portrait to macro. Though it is not a complete macro lens still it fairs well with 0.5x magnification. I have used my friend's 50mm f/1.8, which is no where close to this lens. 50mm f/1.4 can be a good competitor to this lens but still considering the price and the macro ability on this lens, 50mm f/2.5 van be considered the winner. The only difficulty with this lens is that it hunts @ low light situation where I can't trust AF and I will have to go for MF. And the AF is quite slow apart from that this is one heck of a versatile lens. A best buy for the money without breaking the bank. February 13, 2012
Great lens just bought the lens a week ago and absoulutely love it! i have got amazingly sharp images with it. the only thing that is difficult to photography with the lens is insects because of the close working distance and most insects are usually frightened by the loud auto focus. but overall it i would recommend it February 25, 2011
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