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EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM

EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM
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About EF-S 60mm f/2.8 Macro USM

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Item Code: 0284B002
Estimated Retail Price: $469.99

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Simply Amazing Thought I'd test this as a walk around lens for a car event I had to shoot. My main camera was set up with a tripod so I had this on my 2nd camera which is a 30D. I am completely surprised at the images I was able to capture with only using available light in the showroom. Sharp, fast, great bokeh when I wanted it and light weight. I've never used this lens before other than shooting macro shots so this was a great opportunity to try it in a walk around shooting fashion. I will definitely be using this more, just wish it was compatible with my 5D Mark II. January 9, 2014
High quality, cheaper price I bought this lens yesterday for my t5i and I was skeptical at first. I have never bought a macro lens before and I wasn't really sure what to expect. After playing around with it for a while and taking multiple test shots, I started to get a hang of it. The 1:1 shots are incredibly crisp and sharp and I was genuinely surprised at how detailed they were. Normally to get a shot like that I would have had to do some cropping in post, but now I don't have to. The lens also functions well as a regular prime lens too. The autofocus is exceptionally fast, probably the fastest that I own. My only complaint is that sometimes the AF is a little slow if you are up close. What I mean by that, is that the lens zooms in then out, and then steps into focus. July 11, 2013
My most used lens I am an novice photographer, but I really wanted to get into macro photography, as well as candid snapshots, so I chose this lens. Being fixed lens, it has better image quality than most zoom lenses. The downfall to this, being the lack a zooming abilities! I've heard all over that a 50mm lens offers the best 1:1 ratio, but I find that a 60mm fits a 1:1 ration even better. The f-stop can be opened up to f/2.8 which isn't the widest aperture on the market, but it certainly is nice. Such an aperture also produces gorgeous, smooth bokeh. This lens has an ultra-sonic motor, and this gives it exceptionally fast auto-focus. After using a USM lens, I probably wouldn't be able to use any slow motor lenses ever again. This lens obviously provides a great lens for street photography, or even portraits, but it also allows macro photography. All you need it decent lighting and a tripod, and this lens will give you professionally sharp, incredibly detailed images. This lens is an EF-S mount, so it won't fit on a full frame body, but that's fine for me, since I shoot a 550D. My only complaint with this lens is the lack of image stabilisation. When I'm moving in super close to a tiny bug, or trying to take detailed shots of someone's eye, etc. It's very easy to shake, and with no IS, I've lost many pictures that turned out blurry. But of course, with IS, this lens would be much more expensive, and out of my price range. Overall, this lense is superb, and for sure my favorite of 3 lenses. This lens is almost always on my camera. November 3, 2012
second best purchase ever! I'm 83 & not able to hunt with a rifle anymore, therefore I hunt insects & flowers close to home. This little lens on my Canon T3i meets ALL my needs, & takes a great portrait picture too! If your in the market for a true macro lens give this 1 a try. I guarantee you won't regret it. October 12, 2012
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