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imageCLASS MF4890dw

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imageCLASS MF4890dw
Item Code: 6371B006
Estimated Retail Price: $299.00

imageCLASS MF4890dw 3.6 5 16 16
Great Printer for the Price! Great Printer, and great value for the price. I have a previous model that I bought 4 years ago and its still going. I bought this one because I thought the old one was broken from me dropping it when it actually is fine, so now I have both of them up and running! May 3, 2014
Nice product overall Print quality is high and fast. The network setup wasn't too painful. I run this on a home network with two pcs and a mac and they all can network print without issues. Scan to computer function over the network is a little clumky, it works but it's sometimes can't find computers to scan to. When plugged into USB, scan to works very well. Duplexing ADF is slow, but works well otherwise and was a major selling point. April 11, 2014
Gets the job done (with a few quirks) First of all, this is an excellent printer for a SOHO. It has fast print speed, wire(less) networking, ADF, and duplexing. It is extremely capable and gets the job done. This printer has some quirks that is leading to some of the negative reviews posted here. Some of the tasks, especially scanning aren't intuitive and not immediately obvious. I dropped a star because of this. I am using a Mac with Mavericks, but have also installed this printer on Windows 7 as well. I have used this printer for about 15 months. To address some of the negative reviews: . R: scanner is not working for Macintosh A: Absolutely false. Scanner works perfectly in Macintosh. However, it's not intuitive how to scan documents. You have to set the scanner into scan mode, then select remote scanner. This puts the printer into scan receive mode. Then the MF Toolbox scanner app will see the scanner. Otherwise, the app will complain. Why can't the developers just put in something to have the scanner available ALL the time like all the other multifunctions out there. This makes no sense and complicates matters. . R: Noisy Printer A: This printer isn't any noisier than most of the other multifunctions I've used. Obviously, it's going to be louder than an inkjet, but this is what you get for high speed laser. . R: The fax machine has to scan one page at a time. You cannot just put the sheets in an automatic document feeder. A: This is false. I've faxed and scanned multiple pages (1-sided AND 2-sided) from the ADF just fine. . R: Copying always does 2 sided and it is not easy to do a single page when desired A: Again, this is false. I've been able to do 1 sided -> 2 sided, 2 sided -> 1 sided, 2 sided -> 2 sided. Read the manual. The setting is the 3rd one down on the control panel. Hit Copy, high down arrow twice, hit ok. All the permutations are there. To change the default settings, go to Menu -> Copy Settings -> Change Defaults -> 2-Sided . R: MF Drivers Will not install A: This is user error. You probably DON'T have admin privileges. If you do, you probably need to right-click on the installer and select "Run as Administrator" R: weak software, This product install is difficult and time consuming. A: Weak review. Driver install can't be any more straightforward on the windows side. I don't know why they split up all the drivers into separate installs on the Mac side, but it isn't any harder than installing drivers for any other peripheral. . The REAL cons: 1. The scanning interface is unintuitive. You have to set the printer to scan mode before being able to scan. This step shouldn't be needed. 2. Scanner DPI limited by software to 300dpi as another reviewer had mentioned. Can it do 600dpi optical? I haven't figured out how. But then again, do I need 600dpi for a business machine? I don't think so. 3. Computer faxing CAN'T be done through the network. If I can print via network, why can't I fax over the network? This is an arbitrary limitation and I think the developers should remove it. Right now, I have a USB cable hooked up to the machine just so that I can print to the fax driver. 4. Eats toner. The starter cartridge is rated for 1500 pages, but I got low toner at 700. I mainly print word docs. But then again, ink/toner is where the money is. February 22, 2014
Great tech support! This machine has been very reliable and the tech support team is phenomenal! Very patient and will walk you through one step at a time. Also can clearly understand every word they say! Thanks for the great job! This is the second Canon printer we have purchased and have recommend Canon to many friends. January 23, 2014
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