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Wireless Inkjet Photo All-In-One
Item Code: 5293B002
Estimated Retail Price: $299.99

PIXMA MG8220 3.5 5 24 24
Great Printer I am not sure what all of the complaints about this printer are. I have been using it over a year now to produce pictures and CD covers for my band. The scanner works with out a hitch, the print quality is great the speed is decent and the ink has lasted well I am only on my second batch of inks and over 1000 cd's and covers printed. I am going to attribute the other people's issues are due to lack of knowing how to set the printer correctly. I would highly recommend this printer. May 13, 2014
Would be great if all the features worked Have had our printer for about 3 months. Blue tooth connectivity works well. Print quality is good. Speed is ok. Ink runs out faster than I would like. If you plan to get this to print pictures- look for another printer. The back feed tray that is supposed to hold picture paper doesn't work well at all. When you do finally get it to recognize the adjusted feed tray you have to deal with file feed errors. For what we paid I wish we could return it and get something else. April 10, 2014
MG8220 Review I am an advanced photographer and printer user. I have used this printer for over a year. The interface is poor. The ink cartridges are too small. The print quality is poor. The scanner is complicated. Photos are not worth printing on this printer. March 27, 2014
Not reliable - slow The features are excellent when working. My three complaints are: Prints many copies when I only select to print one. This has happened many times and drains my ink cartridges (which are obscenely expensive). This just happened moments ago when I discovered I had over 20 pages of the same thing. I assumed I was out of paper but 5 minutes later another page came out. A software bug that clearly benefits Canon's cash flow. And no, it is not user error, after the first occurrence I have been extremely cautious before hitting print. Once you run out of one color, yellow for example, you cannot print ANYTHING! Not even a black ink document. This occurred recently and resulted in a late arrival to a meeting without the printouts. Not good. Finally, and more an irritation, is the time it takes to warm up, It can take upwards of 5 minutes to print one page if the printer hasn't been used for awhile. September 4, 2013
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