Photo All-In-One Printer
Item Code: 0582B002


Home Network Ready All-In-One Performance with 3.5" LCD Viewer.
With its extra-large 3.5" LCD color viewer and memory card slots, this versatile All-In-One lets you view and enhance your images, then print them directly from compatible memory cards2 Or, you can print directly from a PictBridge ready device such as a digital camera. You can even print right from an infrared-enabled mobile phone,3 or from compatible Bluetooth devices4 using our optional USB Bluetooth adapter.

The freedom of wireless printing and scanning.

This advanced All-In-One conforms to the IEEE 802.11b/g wireless (WiFi) standard, enabling it to receive 54 Mbps wireless transmissions from up to 164 feet away.5 You can print to it or scan from it using an individual WiFi-enabled computer that is integrated into a full wireless home network.. It uses WiFi Protected Access (WPA) to help make your wireless printing more secure. And if your home or small office uses a mix of Windows® and Mac® computers, no problem; the MP800R is designed to work with both.

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