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Wireless Inkjet Office All-In-One
Item Code: 5786B002
Estimated Retail Price: $199.99

PIXMA MX892 3.2 5 70 70
worked for a while, then died Wireless printing never worked well so I used it mostly as a scanner or fax machine. All of a sudden the machine just died. Followed protocol with unplugging and wait for at least 30 min before restarting. Still same problem, no power to the printer. used a new power cable, still same problem. May 15, 2014
Not very happy here Ok , my canon stopped working yesterday :-( It was printing fine and then all of the sudden gave me a B200 error and that was that. My son who knows a lot about computers and such tried everything to get it to work but nothing. seemed to work, its done capoots !!! I had this printer for about 3 1/2 to 4 years and it did a decent job. But was pretty slow and was not very clear in printing and photos weren't very clear either. This was for my personal use so i really didn't mind which is why i kept it but I wasn't really happy with my purchase. Now I'm hunting for a new one and don't know what to get.. April 26, 2014
Generally works well I may have discovered a solution for the printer using color ink to print black. I allowed all of my color cartridges to run completely dry and started printing only from the black cartridge. Now, it seems to be printing only from my black 225 cartridge (unless of course I print color and then it does a good job). I had no problem with the setup. It connected to my Wi-Fi on the 1st attempt. April 10, 2014
Can I give it ZERO stars? If you like to spend an hour trying to make it print, buy this printer. It inexplicably goes offline, has errors, is not responding, etc. Don't think it's our wifi since everything else stays online. Also, it seems to print about 5 pages before you need 1 of the 5 ink cartridges.... ka-ching, ka-ching $$$. I can't live with this printer much longer. April 8, 2014
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