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PIXMA Pro Series
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Wireless Professional Inkjet Printer
Item Code: 6228B002
Estimated Retail Price: $499.99

PIXMA PRO-100 3.8 5 33 33
great quality for the price This product was easy for me to setup and use out of the box.The only issue that I have is that this photo printer does not support an 11"x14" photo paper. I would like to see a software update to take care of this issue, since I find it to be a very popular format requested. May 4, 2014
This is the best Photo Printer I have owned the Pixma Pro 9000 Mark II and now the Pixma Pro-100. They are both outstanding printers, putting out studio quality prints, that rival those purchased online or at a print shop. I have many images in my office, and frequently have people ask where I 'have them printed' and are amazed I do them at home. I would also like to comment about using this printer for non-photo needs and have to ask 'why'? This is a printer designed to give professional grade photo prints. If you are using it to print envelopes, or let your kids use it for printing word .doc for school...get a different printer. It's like buying a Ferrari so you can run to 7-11 for a slim jim, and you only live 2 blocks away. I have a Pixma 920 for home office use, that scan's, prints and can fax. Lastly, make sure you have color calibrated your monitor. The printer will print your images 'as is'. However, if your monitor is not calibrated it may look good on your screen but print colors may be 'off'. It's like if your speedometer is not calibrated correctly. It may tell you the speed is 55mph, but in reality you are doing 45, or 75. Enjoy the printer, it truly is a fantastic printer for home use. February 17, 2014
Surprised For years I have had bad luck with higher end photo printers... I came across a good buy for this Canon Pro 100.. I open the carton installed the inks and set everything up. Gave it a go right from lightroom 5.. Well ... the first print was awesome and I'm ultra picky. I have printed maybe 50 13x19 prints and they are perfect. I was amazed and surprised that I got professional results right out of the box. So far I'm loving this printer.... January 28, 2014
Incredible Prints!! I just got this a few days ago and it does all I ask of it . I go through printers like water and this one is built like a tank. I can only see good things from this. Set up was tough I am a mac user and it did not like most of the software. Also I had to go online for the drivers after that it went smooth . I followed the directions and put the parts in that need to be and started it up . I printed a few and they came out so so so I worked on the wireless hook up and it took all night to get it hooked up this way . Once it was hooked up I printed a few color shots the software that came with it digitized and there for everything looked pixelated . I tried it on Lightroom and the pictures were flawless . So then I printed a few Black and Whites and they were the best black and whites I have ever seen printed . I can only imagine in the future what this printer will do for me personally as wells professionally . January 4, 2014
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