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Wide Angle PTZ Network Camera
Item Code: 1867B001


Wide Angle Lens with Auto-Focus

The VB-C300 features a genuine Canon auto-focus wide angle lens, with a 70° maximum horizontal angle of view letting you get more of the scene into the frame, even at close range- making it the right choice for monitoring tight spaces such as an ATM kiosks.

The wide angle of view is also ideal for comprehensive monitoring of large sites, where it's important to catch as much of the scene as possible in a single shot.

The VB-C300 lens is able to maintain accurate focus throughout the entire image, compared to typical wide-angle lens cameras, where the corners are often out of focus.

Canon is famous for superbly engineered broadcast and camera lenses, and the 2.4x Optical Zoom lens as found in the VB-C300 delivers the clear, sharp images you expect from a Canon lens. This lens will brilliantly cover a host of monitoring challenges.