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Item Code: 7132A022


  • The imageRUNNER 105 delivers both copies and prints at a quick 105 pages-per-minute and a duty cycle of up to 600,000 impressions per month.
  • The imageRUNNER 105 ships standard with a 100-sheet Automatic Document Feeder (ADF) that accepts sizes up to 11" x 17" and weights up to 110 lb. Index. The ADF supports mixed-size originals with the same leading edge width, and comes equipped with a Semi Automatic Document Feeder (SADF), which is ideal for making copies of heavy- or light-weight originals that should not be subject to the bending that occurs inside the ADF.
  • A generous 7,650-sheet paper supply from six sources minimizes paper re-loading and maximizes flexibility in paper choice for output. Two 550-sheet front-loading user-adjustable cassettes, two 1,500-sheet paper trays, and a 50-sheet Stack Bypass come standard. An optional 3,500-sheet user-adjustable paper deck designed to accommodate ledger, legal, letter or letter-R can be added to the device. All paper sources handle paper from 17 lb. Bond to 110 lb. Index Stock.
  • The imageRUNNER 105 offers a 10GB internal Image Server as standard. The Hard Disk supports a host of applications for production level output including support for up to 100 User Mailboxes, Job Build, Automatic Page Impositioning for saddle-stitch booklet-making, and more!
  • With standard Automatic Trayless Duplexing, the imageRUNNER 105 can duplex on all supported paper sizes and paper stocks, including 11" x 17" paper and 110 lb. Index Stock.
  • The imageRUNNER 105 offers a choice of three finishers with the ability to perform multiposition and saddle-stitched stapling, booklet trimming, 2- or 3-hole punching, Z-folding, and post-process document insertion.
  • Two network printing options are available, both of which are compatible with most Windows and Macintosh network environments. One is best suited for text-intensive, every day printing needs and light graphics, and the other meets the needs of customers printing true Adobe PostScript 3 files, complex graphics, variable data output and other larger, more complex files.
  • Network scanning capabilities are available through Canon's Network ScanGear TWAIN-compliant software. Using a ScanGear enabled imageRUNNER 105, users can scan documents from the imageRUNNER 105's platen glass or feeder for transmission over the network to a ScanStation, their desktop or a file server. In addition, eCopy's ShareScan and Desktop product offerings can operate with a ScanGear-equipped imageRUNNER 105 for enhanced scanning and file management capabilities.