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Item Code: 7542A002


Main Unit Specs

Model NameColor imageRUNNER C2058
MSRPCopier ($14,540)Printer($15,380)Copier/Printer($19,185)
Imaging SystemColor Digital Multifunctional Imaging System
Developing SystemToner (C,M,Y,K)
Monthly Duty Cycle40,000
Letter Color21 cpm (Full color)
Letter B&W28 cpm (B/W)
Ledger Color10.5 cpm (Full color)
Ledger B&W14 cpm (B/W)
Letter-R Color15 cpm (Full color)
Letter-R B&W20 cpm (B/W)
Legal Color10.5 cpm (Full color)
Legal B&W14 cpm (B/W)
Toner Colors:c,m,y,k
Acceptable OriginalsSheets,booklets,and solid objects (up to 2kg)
Maximum Output Size12" x 18"
Letter8 1/2" x 11"
Ledger11" x 17"
Legal8 1/2" x 14"
Letter-R11" x 8 1/2"
Statement-R8 1/2" x 5 1/2"
Transparency8 1/2" x 11"
Letter8 1/2" x 11"
Statement to 12" x 18"3.9" x 5.8" to 12" x 18"
Bypass3.9" x 5.8" to 12" x 18"
Cassette17 lb. 28 lb. bond
Bypass17 lb. bond-80 lb. cover
Paper Deck17
Duplexingautomatic (trayless)
Standard Mode100%
Preset Reductions25%,50%,64%,73%,78%
Preset Enlargements121%,129%,200%,400%
Zoom Mode25%-400% (in 1% increments
First Copy Time10.6 seconds
Warm-up Timewithin 4 minutes (68 degrees F/20 degrees C)
Exposure ControlAutomatic Exposure,9/17 Gradations (Switchable)
Multiple Copies1-999
Power Requirements120V,60Hz,15A
Dimensions (H x W x D)23.27" x 33.07" x 29.37" (591mm x 840mm x 746 mm)
Weight362.44 lb (164.4 kg)
Supplies Spherical Toner Cyan (20,000) Magenta (20,000) Yellow (18,000) Black (18,000)
Toner:Spherical Toner
Estimated Toner Yield:Cyan (20,000) Magenta (20,000) Yellow (18,000) Black (18,000)

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Acceptable OriginalsStatement to 11" x 17"
Capacity50 sheets/Letter,Letter-R,Statement(20 lb bond)
Paper Weights15 lb.-28 lb.
Different Size OriginalsStatement to 11" x 17"
Power SourceDC 24V directly from the unit
Power Consumption170W or less
Dimensions (H x W x D)5.90" x 25.39" x 20.51" (150mm x 645mm x 521mm)
Weight32.18 lb (14.6kg)
Output Options
DescriptionStapler-Sorter-N1(StaplerSorter-N1 Kit required), Finisher-H1 / Saddle Finisher-H2 (Power Supply Unit-M1 required for both Finisher-H1 and H2)
Sort ModeStapler-Sorter-N1 (30 sheets:Letter, Letter-R) 25 sheets (Legal, 11"x 17")
Staple Sort ModeStapler Sorter-N1 (30 sheets:Letter, Letter-R) 25 sheets (Legal, 11"x 17")
Non-Sort ModeStapler Sorter-N1 (200 sheets, Statement-R to 12" x 18")
Hole PunchNA
Power SourceStapler-Sorter-N1(DC 24v directly from the unit)
Dimensions (H x W x D)Stapler Sorter-N1 (42.32" x 23.39" x 18.27") Finisher-H1 / Saddle Finisher-H2 (41.2" x 26.3" x 22.9")
WeightStapler Sorter-N1(70.55 lb.), Finisher-H1 (72.7 lb.) Saddle Finisher-H2 (99.2 lb.)
Paper Supply Options
DescriptionCassette Feeding Unit-U2, Paper Deck-F2 (Power Supply Unit-M1 required)
Number of Cassettes2 Standard Front-Loading Adjustable Drawers+2 optional Front-Loading Adjustable Drawers+Optional Paper Deck-F2
Paper Capacity1,000 standard Cassette-Feeding Unit-U2, 1,000 sheet optional Cassette feeding Unit-U2, 3,500 sheet optional Paper Deck-F2, 50 sheet Stack Bypass for maximum of 5,550 sheet
Paper SizesCassette Feeding Unit-U2 (Statement to 11" x 17") Paper Deck-F2 (Letter 8 1/2" x 11")
Paper WeightsCassette Feeding Unit-U2 (17 lb.-28 lb.) Paper Deck-F2 (17 lb.-28
Dimensions (H x W x D)Cassette Feeding Unit-U2 (10.2"x26.8"x27.8") Paper Deck-F2 (22.4" x 12.7" x 23.0")
WeightCassette Feeding Unit-U2 (72.5 lb.) Paper Deck-F2 (90.4 lb.)
DescriptionOptional Editor-G1
FeaturesFraming,Blanking,Area of Designation
Film Projector
Acceptable Film TypesN/A
Power RequirementsN/A
Power ConsumptionN/A
Rotary Changer
Acceptable Film TypesN/A
Acceptable Film TraysN/A