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About ColorPASS-Z4600

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  • Driven by an Intel® Pentium® III processor, the ColorPASS-Z4600 runs at 1GHz with 512MB of memory and an 80GB hard drive.
  • The Command WorkStation™ 4 provides everyday users with an overview of all active jobs, and gives advanced users the ability to log-on to multiple ColorPASS servers to manipulate jobs, preview print jobs and monitor user-activity.
  • Equipped with ColorWise® 3, Color PASS-Z4600 users will always receive the same outstanding color - regardless of network, platform or application. It also includes other new enhancements, including Full Simulation GCR for accurate proofing, ColorCal for greater calibration accuracy and Image Smoothing for low-resolution images.
  • With the optional DocBuilder Pro™ 2.0, users are able to translate reader spreads into paginated booklet form prior to output.
  • Fast and productive, the ColorPASS-Z4600 supports Canon's high-capacity color output devices.