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About ColorPASS-Z5100

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  • Equipped with ColorWise® 3, Color PASS-Z5100 users will always receive the same outstanding color - regardless of network, platform or application. It also includes other new enhancements, including Full Simulation GCR for accurate proofing, ColorCal for greater calibration accuracy and Image Smoothing for low-resolution images.
  • The optional Graphic Arts Feature Set ensures color accuracy for the most discriminating designers, and works seamlessly with the CLC 5000+ and CLC 3900+ to bring extraordinary output to the most demanding administrators.
    The Graphic Arts Feature Set includes the following tools:

    Soft Proofing - to allow matched-color screen previews of print jobs

    Auto Trapping - to ensure proper registration and fit of adjacent colors

    Halftone Screening - for accurate proofing

    SpotOn™ Color Matching - for the precise reproduction of PMS colors

    Unlimited Separations - lets you print as many spot color plates as desired

    Paper Simulation - to give the user a better idea of how the final piece will look when printed

    Hot Folders - a separate utility that lets you send print files and job tickets to the server automatically


  • The Command WorkStation™ 4 provides everyday users with an overview of all active jobs, and gives advanced users the ability to log-on to multiple ColorPASS servers to manipulate jobs, preview print jobs and monitor user-activity.
  • The ColorPASS-Z5100 supports Canon's Nagel Finisher and as a result provides users with the ability to make booklets up to 10 pages in length with paper stocks up to 105gsm.
  • The ColorPASS-Z5100 comes complete with DocBuilder Pro™ 2.0, so users are able to translate reader spreads into paginated booklet form prior to output.
  • The ColorPASS-Z5100 is designed with NetWise™ 3, so users can email jobs to the ColorPASS and email messages with scanned file attachments can be emailed from the ColorPASS to any chosen recipient.
  • With ScanBuilder, the ColorPASS-Z5100 becomes the center of your scanning network. All scans can be initiated at the ColorPASS-Z5100 and stored on its hard drive, giving users the ability to retrieve the scanned documents from the network.
  • Fiery Remote Scan 4 allows users to scan files into the printing workflow, either by e-mailing scanned files to selected recipients, or by retrieving scanned files from remote locations.